Sunday, July 10, 2011

"I never paint dreams or nightmares...

I paint my own reality."
~Frida Kahlo

Some early mornings, just before the day begins, I have dreams novels are made of. The other night, that was just my experience. But my failing? I didn't have a pen and paper, or my computer, right at the bedside. Regardless of that blunder, I raced downstairs and grabbed my computer and went outside,  pulled up a lounge chair and started writing. Much of what I wrote, I did with my eyes closed in order to keep the images in my head.

The result was an outline of a fantasy story I've titled for now, "Grumble Gate Main." It's a story that takes place on a different planet orbiting around an eerie red sun. The planet is oblong and doesn't 'rotate' like normal planets to do, but instead rolls randomly around its orbital path. Night and day are never the same, and can last for hours, or weeks.

I dreamed of a world where teachers were heros, and  the world's best athletes chose sports for the glory but only got paid minimum wage. 

In this world only the BEST of the BEST are allowed to teach, but the path to Teacherdom is fraught with trials and tribulations.  It's also a world where Twister Trees live (trees that move like whirling tornados) and where little angry fairies attack in the dead forests like vicious mosquitoes. They bite the skin and give inhabitants a variety of nasty diseases.  There's more in my jumbled notes, but needless to say the dream fostered a story with a lot of potential. These notes now go inside the cyber folder "possible stories", because both "Dr Stench" and "Sapien Farm" are still waiting for me to finish them and I can only have so many incomplete stories at a time.

Or can I?

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